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Coda is Good

My demo copy of Panic Coda expired yesterday, and I was impressed enough in the short amount of time I worked with it to buy a copy. At $100, I hesitated for a moment. The way that it synchronizes local and remote directory structures and organizes code windows is efficient and powerful, given a bit of time to learn the interface. The editor is good enough, but not as great as TextMate or as comprehensive as Eclipse. The syntax parser for CFML has issues, especially with the triple-dash comments (<!--- --->).

As you would expect from the creators of Transmit, it does file transfer very well. I use only SFTP between my workstation and the server. Sometimes SFTP transfers using other applications will hang or terminate before finishing. I haven't yet had any file transfer wackiness using Coda. The way that it announces completions using Growl is pretty nice too. Its search functions are pretty good too. I haven't tried any crazy regex statements or block replacements yet, but I have other tools for that.