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Please don't create zipx archives.

What is a zipx file you ask? It's an archive created with WinZip 12.1, or later, that takes advantage of modern compression methods. The so-called legacy zip archive has been around for very long time, and since then advances have been made that provide slightly better compression ratios. However, the zipx archive is compatible with only WinZip, and (surprise!) thus, only Windows computers. I'm not aware of any third-party applications that can handle the new format. There is a WinZip Knowledge Base article on the topic.

If you do use WinZip, I urge you to create files that the rest of us can open. In the WinZip Configuration options, there is an option to "Create new Zip files using best compression (.zipx)." Make sure that is unchecked.

When creating new archives, a dialog box will appear and offer the option to change the default. Make sure that ".Zip: Legacy compression (maximum compatibility)" is selected.

The internets thank you.