Pager Solution

Pager Solution Web Snapshot

This project is an OOP approach to a solving a very common problem web development -- displaying multiple pages of a records, one page at a time. I created a screencast presentation for the Pager Solution. I have used this in production for paging through LDAP query results and database searches.

Lazy Tree

Lazy Tree Web Snapshot

This project addresses several common problems that I've solved in an elegant way. I posted a screencast about the Lazy Tree jQuery Plugin that I wrote to navigate hierarchical data using asynchronous requests. The JavaScript code is easily adaptable to different types of data.


CFDNS Web Snapshot

The CFDNS project is a toolkit to integrate ColdFusion with DNS. This is helpful for making DNS queries to validate a user's e-mail address by checking the MX and TXT SPF records on the domain. It's hosted at RIAForge.


Clouseau Web Snapshot

Clouseau is an application and session scope inspection and debugging tool for ColdFusion. This is helpful when a developer can't install a more powerful step debugger, like FusionDebug. Because this uses some undocumented and unsupported features (coldfusion.runtime.ApplicationScopeTracker) this is specific to ColdFusion; I don't believe it will function on any other CFML engine. You can download the source tarball if you're interested: clouseau.tar.gz


CFLucene Web Snapshot

The CFLucene project brings Lucene to ColdFusion as a lightweight search engine for documents and database content.

The Vault

The Vault Web Snapshot

The Vault is a Mach-II application to store encrypted data online. Specifically, it tracks passwords, serial numbers, registration information, and secure notes. The data is kept in an XML file, but only decrypted into memory when the user is logged in. When the data is saved, it's encrypted with Blowfish.