Joseph Lamoree
642 Cayo Grande Ct.Newbury Park, CA 91320 USA
office+1 805-973-7389

Highlights of Qualifications

Strong experience in designing and developing modern web applications for e-commerce, education, and enterprise services. Proficiency in object oriented analysis and design. Knowledge of several application frameworks used on large scale, team projects. Mastery of ColdFusion and relational database design and administration. More than twelve years experience with web applications, networking, and database servers.



Sep 2009 - Present

Architect/Principal Engineer

Performed maintenance and feature enhancements on a large enterprise application. Designed a hosting environment to increase performance using caching and load balancing. Created an API to provide a REST interface to consumer applications.

Teleologic Learning Company

Jun 2001 - Aug 2008

Independent Contractor

Developed a web application and enterprise directory server for the management of dozens of domains and hundreds of e-mail accounts. Enabled self-service access to client hosting information to client account managers.

Senior Systems Architect

Created an online learning environment (Logistica) for course delivery, learner management, and content development used by tens of thousands of policy professionals and military personnel. Designed and implemented an enterprise class server cluster to provide highly available and fault tolerant corporate e-mail, directory, and database service. Deployed a system monitoring solution to warn of errors and report on uptime. Created a backend data application to support a rich game-like simulation program used by thousands of first-responders (Police, Fire, EMT).

Lamoree Software

Oct 1994 - Present


Operated as an independent contractor to provide a wide variety of client solutions in software development and server hosting. Created and maintained several open source projects; provided support to existing open source projects in code enhancements, bug fixes, and documentation.

Nextron Communications

Apr 1998 - Jun 2001

Director of Technology

Managed a team of developers and guided the technology selections and implementation. Evaluated technologies and business partners. Mentored new programmers. Worked directly with clients to gather business requirements and design an appropriate system architecture.

Systems Programmer

Brought a Vignette solution to production for a startup portable consumer electronics e-zine. Created a content management and e-commerce system for a premium membership product review organization. Completed projects in a team environment using source code control and build/release procedures. Wrote administration applications for a hosting facility.

Diamond Multimedia Systems

Dec 1994 - Apr 1998

Software Engineer

Developed applications to support business data management. Performed server management and hardware migrations. Created an inventory management application to track shared and assigned hardware resources.

Technical Support Engineer

Provided end-user and reseller support for PC hardware via phone and electronic services. Assisted in the deployment of a customer relationship management solution and technical knowledge base. Programmed the support center automated help telephone system. Created a custom fax-on-demand system, integrating disparate Novel Netware and IBM OS/2 servers.

Technical Skills

Web Technologies

CFML engines (ColdFusion and Open BlueDragon) and frameworks (Mach-II, Model-Glue), Apache, Tomcat, J2EE Servlet/JSP, PHP, Perl, SQL (PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle), jQuery, YUI, Ajax, Flash Remoting AS, Subversion, CVS, RCS, PKI with OpenSSL

Server Technologies

Linux (RHEL, CentOS), OpenLDAP, Postfix, Dovecot, NFS, Linux Virtual Server, Linux-HA clusters, Xen virtualization, shell scripting and administration


Linux and BSD firewalls, NAT, proxies, application brokers, VPN, tunnels, load balancing, monitoring


Date Description Location
Nov 2003 Red Hat Certified Engineer Mountain View, CA
Feb 2001 HP Bluestone Sapphire Administration Training Foster City, CA
May 2000 ColdFusion Advanced Development Sacramento, CA
Jun 2000 ColdFusion Performance Tuning San Francisco, CA
Dec 1999 Vignette Developer & Administration Training San Francisco, CA
May 1994 Cuesta Community College, A.S. Degree San Luis Obispo, CA